Be An Advocate

Here are some steps you can take to learn more about the sex education curriculum in your district and to take action to support or change the status quo.

Step One:  Determine what is being offered in your district.

  • Find out if your district has a middle school comprehensive sex education curriculum. 
  • If they do have a curriculum, ask to review it. 

Step Two: Take action based on how well your district curriculum is serving the needs of its students.

  • If you find that your middle school has an effective comprehensive sex education curriculum, take the time to write a letter or two or three:
    • to your local newspaper editor congratulating and thanking your school and community for valuing a comprehensive approach to sexual health
    • to the Superintendent, thanking him/her on ensuring that the comprehensive sex education curriculum chosen or developed is helping to keep his students healthy and focused on their futures
    • to the School Committee, commending them on supporting a curriculum that is sometimes perceived as controversial.
  • If you find that your school district does not currently have a comprehensive sex education curriculum, or has a comprehensive sex education curriculum that does not provide the tools that adolescents need to stay healthy and safe (relationship skills, negotiation skills, information about STIs and protection methods, etc.) and is not medically accurate and age appropriate, spend some time on the ETR website, learning about Get Real.  

Contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to learn more about advocating for comprehensive sex education in your district.