WHY Get Real?

Get Real: Comprehensive Sex Education That Works is a unique curriculum designed for implementation in both middle and high schools. Get Real emphasizes social and emotional skills as a key component of healthy relationships and responsible decision making. Information provided is medically accurate, age-appropriate and is shown to:

  • Delay sex among middle school students who received Get Real
  • Empower parents to be the primary sexuality educators of their children and help their kids delay sex
  • Reinforce family communication and improve communication skills for healthy relationships

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Facilitating Conversations

Get Real supports parents and other caregivers to communicate their values and beliefs about sex and sexuality.

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Skills for Healthy Decisions

Get Real values, supports, and respects adolescents' rights and abilities to make informed choices about their own health and safety.

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Supporting Teachers’ Success

Effective implementation of Get Real begins with training.

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Teacher Resources

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Resources for Get Real

Registered Get Real teachers have ongoing access to resources including supplemental curriculum material, information updates, answers to frequently asked student questions, online discussions, and more.

  • I just wanted to say I am quite impressed with the work you are doing with your students. The topics you have been approaching are not easy, by any means. I enjoyed doing the assignment with [my student] and the insight it gave me into him is very helpful. Thank you again for the great work.

    Parent note to a Get Real Educator
  • The best workshop I have attended! Fun, interactive, and informative. Well organized.

    Teacher attending Get Real Training
  • Our teachers find Get Real to be planned well and easy to implement. Their students are highly responsive to the activities, allowing them to learn content and practice valuable life skills.

    Teddi Jacobs, Health and Fitness Coordinator, The Public Schools of Brookline, MA
  • PPLM’s teacher training for the implementation of Get Real was outstanding. As an educator it provided me information and activities that resulted in a very successful unit on human sexuality.

    Melissa Gerry, Health Teacher, Franklin County Technical School, Turner Falls, MA
  • Get Real makes it a lot easier to have those important conversations. Parents are able to make real headway in helping young teens learn to navigate the road ahead.

    Lisa Goldblatt Grace, parent in a Get Real school
  • It was time for an organized comprehensive Social Emotional Learning (SEL) based curriculum. I love the SEL basis. Social & Emotional Health is the biggest predictor of success.

    Teacher attending Get Real training
  • Get Real organizes all of the best practices of sexuality education in a developmentally appropriate manner. Thanks to PPLM for putting it all together!

    Teacher attending Get Real Training
  • The trainers for this curriculum training were very knowledgeable and highly skilled in sexuality education in general and the Get Real curriculum specifically.

    Teacher attending Get Real Training
  • Thanks for all the information and materials.  My boys actually said to me, ‘Hey Mom, I didn’t know……That was awesome!’  I felt so connected and more importantly, I felt trusted.

    Parent of two teenage boys
  • This program was very helpful to me. It’s time for me to talk to my daughter but I just didn’t know how. Now I know how to initiate the conversation.

    Mom of 10 & 12 year old daughters
  • Get Real is helping our students develop the self-awareness and effective interpersonal skills they need to negotiate the many changes of puberty.

    Principal of a Get Real school
  • Having been to many conferences and trainings over 33 years, this was one of the best!

    Teacher attending Get Real Training
  • We identified a need to evaluate our current middle school sex ed program and we were impressed with the Get Real curriculum.

    Teacher in a public school
  • We thought (Get Real) was a great program and would be an excellent fit to our community.

    Teacher in a public school

Be An Advocate

Bring Get Real to your school.
Be an Effective Advocate for Youth

As a parent, you have a right to know what sex education curriculum is being offered in your school district.  If you’re not satisfied with what you see, you can be instrumental in bringing about change.  Here are some steps you can take to learn more about the sex education curriculum in your school or district and to take action to improve the quality of your school’s curriculum.